Kudos to the designers, they have actually managed to make the Osbournes look like the Osbournes. A very clean and understated pay table, good start.

There are plenty of combos available on the win lines. It's bugging me that I can't read what the sign says on that chair.

Is it wrong that I think Kelly looks better in a cartoon version than in real life?

Mini's Trail Bonus; hmmmm. Is Mini the dog? If it is shouldn't she be called Minnie? I need to stop analysing everything, I'm getting a headache.

Oh right, it's free spins to see which of the Osbournes I find. I take it that the symbols have to drop in for me to move forward. I am the dog at the top btw, who is probably the most normal member of this crazy family.

I found Jack and made £307 into the bargain. That ain't too bad at all.

Watch me sniff out Jack Osbourne and make over £300 for my trouble;