This pay table perfectly captures the Sunset Beach vibe with the beautiful women and the surfer. I can almost hear the waves lapping against the shore.

Will the 20 win lines be enough to win me the money needed for a trip to the real Sunset Beach?

I love this feature. There are effectively 4 games in play at the same time, greatly increasing your chances of winning. Maybe that trip to California is doable after all.....

I always seem to do well on this game, and it's not long before I unlock the free games bonus! Haha, who remembers getting changed behind a towel on the beach when they were little?

The amazing thing about the free games is that they can technically last forever. Every time a Free Games symbol lands anywhere on your reels another 2 freebies are added to your total. The potential here is huge, but I feel cold just looking a those bikini clad babes.

Interaction between the separate reels happens quite regularly, and if you unlock matching beach babes your winnings shoot up!

Here you will see me win a good amount towards my trip to Sunset Beach;