Lots of piratey icons on this pay table, and lots of fruit which I presume is what the pirates ate. You don't want to your marauding halted by a nasty dose of scurvy!

9 win lines isn't a lot. Hopefully I won't have to dig too deep to find a win.

Not a lot happening at the minute. Less Blackbeard more Captain Pugwash!

Whoops, spoke too soon. So I have to pick someone to walk the aforementioned plank. Hmmm, I'm going for the pirate-ess.

I've just noticed how much the little pirate on the right looks like Peter Andre! That guy is everywhere these days...

Throwing that girly pirate overboard has netted me £400, good decision Sue!

This is how I relieved the pirate ship of a passenger and picked up £400 for doing so;