Of all the slots I've played over the years, and trust me there's been a lot, I have never quite seen a pay table quite like this one. It looks like a menu at a posh restaurant. Castle Builder is looking very promising.

15 pay lines is about all I can glean from this screen. It will all come clear the more I get into the game, and it is visually stunning. The house there looks almost magical, and has a Brigadoon feel about it.

The icon of the building materials has triggered the bonus round. I can't wait to see what this involves!

Oh wow, that house in the mist is a castle, and is home to a princess. Three suitors have arrived hoping for her hand in marriage. I have to choose who she marries; awesome! This game just keeps getting better and better.

The princess and the frog are a match made in heaven. I win £343, first time I've ever been paid for attending a wedding!

Not only did I get paid but I got a promotion; I'm now a building worker!

My certificate of achievement. the longer you play the more you gain experience and move up the ranks. Castle Builder is awesome!

Watch me take on my role as matchmaker when the princess found her croaking prince;