A fresh, clean looking pay table with the ocean back drop. The potential for some nice wins here it seems.

There are 20 win lines through which you can rake in some very nice winnings. This video gives you an idea of the fantastic game play.

The rescue feature is the first bonus that you'll probably unlock when playing the game, just like I did here.

Now then, CJ will give me 1 spin or I can take the cash bonus. Any prizes for guessing which one I go for? It's got to be the cash game!

So now I have to pick squares of sand until I find 3 the same. Let's hope we get Pamela!

Unfortunately that only brought me in £100, but it gives me a bit more to play with. Let's see how the next rounds pan out.

Here's the bonus game below if you want to watch exactly how it went down:

Yes, another bonus feature unlocked. Here come the free spins! I get to choose the one I want too, which is nice!

I chose the Caroline Free Spins. A stack of a single lifeguard on the 3rd reel gives you even more free spins, so they soon add up.

That's more like it! A whopping Grand up in the bank now!

Here's how the beautiful Baywatch people took me to a win of over £1000;